Apart from the regular in-studio sessions, Espacio Libre also offers outdoor experiences so we can enjoy the magic of Bacalar Lagoon.

.Yoga in nature

Private Class with lagoon front. If what you are looking for is to get away from town and immerse in the jungle, this class is perfect for you. We will practice yoga and meditation  in a private dock surrounded by nature and its sounds. This area is unique becauase nature is almost intact, so we will be able to aprrecieate mangroves and other local vegetation; if we are lucky we will see loca wildlife. Finishing the class you can swim in this special place.  Transportatin included. 



Janzu is a therapy massage inside water. It consists of a series of movements done on its surface and underwater. So, this is a massage through the natural movement out bodies produce when immersed in water, like this, the body and mind start relaxing and releasing tension. The curative qualities of this element help us enter a meditative state so we can start to let go with its flow and allow ourselves to heal. Let us permit water sooth out mind and body.  For more info check out the link in instagram.