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about us

Espacio Libre is located in the heart of Bacalar, just a few steps from the lagoon. We are small space of local students from all around the world. We are  always open to new visists. If you want to know the diverse commnty in Bacalar we are happy to have you. This yoga sessions are ideal if you are looking foward to a deep and well guided class by certified teachers. Here you will be able to connect with the body, rest, and relax. We have all of the props needed for a Hatha-somatic yoga class. The studio has a.c as well. 

Located at Av 1 / 28 and 30




Boby has been close to yoga since a young age. He just finished his 600-hrs teacher training with Jñana Dakini in Mexico City. He has also studied a 200hrs restorative and therapeutic yoga training with Bridgitte Longueville. Also having studies in Mindfulness Meditation, Boby is still curious about the depths of this practice. For him , the yoga practice is a constant exploration. His teachers have taught him to always approach yoga with compassion and accpeting the practice day by day. With only 26 years of age, he is still learing constanly about life and yoga.




Sandra has been in the path of yoga for more than ten years. She is commited to her personal practice and interested in how it changes as life goes by. Sandra shares her wisdom on the yoga practice and in life. Now 50 years old, she enjoys the calm of life in the jungle, and in that way she can share a class that bring ecuanimity. 

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